Knowledge is Power:

Life Changing Books

Knowledge is Power:

Life Changing Books

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Get Grounded; Stay Grounded

Take a forty-eight hour journey to self-growth and self-improvement with clear and concise attainable achievements, while looking through the eyes of a person with inner peace.

#BeUnleashed: Unleash Your Millionaire Mindset and Build Your Brand

Unleash Your Millionaire Mindset is a book filled with modern success principles and techniques for the professional and small-business owner, new and existing. The information spilling over from one page to the next, cover to cover, breaks the myths we’ve all been following on our journey to success and financial freedom. This book is your very own university of success. You have been provided with seven of the most capable and qualified business professors in the industry.

In this program, you’ll learn how to build a legacy that will last for generations to come. We’ll alleviate the pain and the frustration for you. We’ll uncomplicate the most complicated and put you on the right track so that you can officially #BeUnleashed! Get ready to learn how to —overcome rejections in business, —correctly build a sustainable brand, —access and implement the seven levels of revenue, —build a profitable sales team, —create a business that generates profits and not debt, —dominate your industry and become an effective leader, and —disrupt society’s norms so you’ll function and be MORE. Take a seat, pens up, and phones off. Prepare to meet your professors at the university of success.

25 Valuable Golden Nuggets to Start, Stabilize and Scale any Business

As an entrepreneur, do you ever feel alone in business? Do you wish someone would have warned you about those little things not to do or those little things to do? Do you ever feel like moving the business forward is more challenging and stressful than you thought? Have you ever felt like you’re working as hard as you can but still feel like a human hamster on a wheel?

These 25 Valuable Golden Nuggets to Start, Stabilize and Scale any Business offers 25 thought provoking insights with real perspective and experiences from one entrepreneur to another. Whether your business is a product based or service based business and whether you have been in business for one year or twenty years, these golden nuggets will either reinforce your next move or will help you to develop your next move.

Natasha Davis

Like many of us, Natasha traveled through a life where there were peaks and valleys. At times, she too felt unaccomplished, unequipped, confused, and incomplete. As she went through her journey, she found a place where life is better, happiness is present, clarity resides and confidence thrives. She writes books as a gift of hope, clarity, confidence and courage for readers around the world.

Natasha has traveled to various countries, cities and states in her line of work, touching lives of many. Helping people to #BeUnleashed!

During her time on this earth, she desires use her talents and gifts to be a blessing to the people that she comes in contact with.

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