VIP IMPACT Immersion

Enhancing Efficiency

VIP IMPACT Immersion

Enhancing Efficiency

What is VIP IMPACT Immersion?

The VIP IMPACT Immersion is a two-day, hands-on deep dive into your company, daily operations and performance as a leader. You will experience what it feels like to leverage your time and resources, so you can enhance the performance of your company, complete unfinished projects, implement profitable business processes and strengthen your abilities as an effective CEO.

Chief Branding Strategist and Executive Coach, Natasha Davis comes to your main office location to work side by side with you drilling down into your company, incomplete projects, daily operations and functionality as a CEO. She strategically guides you to becoming more productive each hour of the day, while identifying your untapped revenue sources.

The VIP IMPACT Immersion is Perfect for You, if:

1) You’re finally ready to get your projects completed so you can bring in the revenue that you are currently losing each month.

2) You’re ready to get control of your day so you can take care of what’s important and feel the sense of accomplishment instead of guilt and shame from being unproductive.

3) You’re ready to design your path as a CEO so you can leverage your knowledge and time to become the business owner that you know you deserve to be.

4) You’re ready to simplify and systematize your business structure so you can have more time, decrease chaos, and achieve the annual goals that you never seem to accomplish.

Core Focus during the Immersion

High level Strategic Planning
Profit mapping
New product &/or service roll out
Systems and Process enhancement as well as implementation
CEO Role advancement for higher performance
Time management restructuring for greater efficiency