Developing Strong Brands


Developing Strong Brands

What is a Corporate Branding Consulting?

A common misconception in branding is that a company logo and catchy tagline defines what a brand is. However, this is an incomplete description of branding, according to Search Engine Journal. Companies should instead look at their brand as something that answers four critical questions for customers: who they are, what they offer, why they exist, and the customers they serve. As Corporate Branding Consultants, we examine the intricacies of the entire business operations, infrastructure and internal processes so that your brand can align with your company’s overall goals and purpose.

Corporate Branding Consulting Experts, describe branding as a promise that organizations make to customers and shareholders, representing what they expect the company to deliver. At Impact Branding Consulting, we approach each business ready to learn about the heart of the company’s vision and mission in order to develop strategic plans for the entire brand. As Corporate Branding Consultants, we help companies break down the barriers leading to brand confusion, stagnant leadership, ineffective customer engagement, decreased productivity, chaotic daily operations as well as inconsistent brand messaging all through strategic brand development.

Why Should You Work with A Corporate Branding Consultant? defines a corporate branding consultant as an individual or team that offers a range of branding services to clients to help the business establish or expand its brand. You can choose to work with a consultant through the entire process, from defining or refreshing your company’s vision, goals, and strategies to increasing efficiency, productivity, and revenue.

Your corporate branding consultant completing this initial work is critical to the overall brand strategy that influences decisions such as:

The Process of Developing a Strong Corporate Brand

Entrepreneur Magazine compares building a brand to having an intense focus on profound discovery within a company. While this is necessary, these approaches can be uncomfortable, require significant time commitment, and may be highly challenging. Experienced corporate brand consultants, such as Impact Branding Consulting understands this reality of the amount of work required and is able to make the process less stressful and more efficient from the start.

Below are some clarifying questions a corporate brand consultant might ask to initiate the process of identifying and implementing a new brand strategy. Answering questions like these provides a high-level overview to open the door to delve further into developing a customized strategy for your brand.

Consider Input from Team Members

The corporate branding consultant is brought in on the team to sharpen the company brand by either creating a new strategy for the brand or by refreshing the current brand. When collaborating and defining this strategy, it is often helpful having feedback from company team members.

The input given allows our team to have deeper insight into the whole company from every angle and will enable us to address issues, bottlenecking, miscommunication and concerns up front so that the final strategy is all encompassing.

One of the most efficient ways to solicit accurate and honest feedback is to distribute an anonymous employee survey, especially a 3d party survey. Educating team members that they can remain anonymous if they wish will be critical to getting as close to 100% participation as possible. Getting honest feedback from team members is one of the most valuable gifts the leadership and executive team can receive. This information will give the company accelerated wisdom to knowing the accurate perception of how their business is running.

The most effective way to develop surveys like this, is to ask a higher percentage of open ended questions. This approach will require a more personalized response to each question offering a deeper understanding from the team members view.

Next Steps

Now that you understand what a corporate brand consultant does and why working with one is so important, we invite you to request a discovery assessment. We look forward to helping you to create or refresh your brand with strategic and intentional focus.

Let’s Have a Discovery Assessment to Evaluate your Areas of Opportunity & Needs.