Overcoming the 6 Main Challenges of Starting and Growing a Business


Starting a Business and Growing a Business both come with their own challenges. Entrepreneurship brings the Entrepreneur personal and professional development. The arena of business will grow the owner to levels beyond their wildest dream.

Here are six (6) of the greatest challenges every business must overcome in order to reach heightened places of success.

1) Leadership Skills …Developing strong leadership skills will give the business a strong competitive edge. These skills not only provide the business an opportunity to position themselves for years of success, it will also position them as industry experts. When you discipline yourself to learn to be a phenomenal leader you offer your company another valuable competitive edge. You actually move from being an entrepreneur into being a real CEO.

2) Sales … Developing a Sales strategy is one of the most important areas that businesses must excel in. Getting products and services in the hands of customers by way of monetary exchange is a focus that should never been forgotten. Learn and develop a strong sales model for your company that you can teach your team…speaking of teams!……..

3) Staffing …Building a reliable team of people to help move your company forward is critical to your growth factor. There is no business that grows without a supportive team. The CEO cannot do it alone! Make it a point to hire your weakness and capitalize on your strengths.

4) Research & Development (Change Management) …This is an area that many small businesses have problems with. The value of R & D takes back seat in the small business community. The smaller the business, the less value is placed on R &D. This may be because the perceptions of R & D are frightening and often times incorrect. Extreme value comes from R & D for every size business. R & D can be as simple as doing an online survey asking your customers what they like and don’t like about your products/service.

5) Training …Unfortunately, new Entrepreneurs are more concerned with networking everywhere instead of networking with a plan and trying to figure out this thing called being a CEO. Ongoing education and training has proven to be one of the greatest advancing tools successful businesses have used. The more you learn is the better you’ll earn…Never stop learning. Never stop teaching your team. Never stop teaching your customers.

6) Not Asking For Help!!!!  Man cannot live by bread alone and Businesses cannot survive by CEO alone…Asking for help can feel like the most uncomfortable thing to do because it exposes all your vulnerable sides. However, asking for help early, will prevent years of long suffering. Ask and you just might receive.

Take these tips and apply them to your Business today. Manage and overcome the 6 main challenges of starting and growing your business. It’s time to enjoy the experience of #OwningMyEdge & #IntentionalFocus.

If you have any questions or want guidance in overcoming business growth challenges, you are invited to schedule a session with The Chief Visionary.