Why Is It Important to Discover the DNA of Your Brand


Branding is such an interesting, desirable, yet confusing concept for many small business owners. Over the past 16 years as a Brand Strategist, I have observed that typically, branding tends to be underutilized and misinterpreted as only marketing activities, graphic designs or advertising activities. It is also viewed as something only big companies invest in. In the February issue, I offered insight and steps for how to make your brand more lovable and how to apply the “Brand First” Principle to your business. Now, I want to help you understand why and how to discover the DNA of your Brand.

What is a DNA anyway? DNA is often associated with a living organism and a human being. BUT!!! Your company Brand has a DNA as well. DNA is the distinctive characteristics and qualities of someone or something that is regarded as unchangeable and innate. This is the genetic code making someone or something unique. What makes your Brand unique? What is the promise that your Brand offers? What makes your Brand memorable and lovable?

Ensuring your Brand emotionally connects with your market place and clients is directly related to the success of your company. It is not enough to have a pretty logo and clever marketing taglines anymore. Companies must now align with the five human senses in order to establish emotional, visual, and auditory brand positioning. Through effective E.V.A brand positioning, your company will now become a habit for your clients, which converts to consistent cash flow and actual profits.

The first step to discovering the DNA of your Brand is to understand your Competitive Landscape. Your competitive landscape will reveal what is standard in the industry and what is the unique additive your company infuses into the industry. I often remind my clients that good customer service is not a USP it is a standard. Customers expect good customer service routinely. There is nothing unique about it!

The next step to discovering the DNA of your Brand is to be absolutely clear about the emotional triggers and emotional resolutions your customer experiences as a result of needing and receiving your service or product. This is a powerful piece of the puzzle! Digging deep into your business, your industry and your clients, unlocks tremendous long lasting value and impact for your company. Unfortunately, most small business owners seldom if ever, dig deep enough into understanding their customers triggers and resolutions.

Most recently, one of my clients reported to me with tears of joy in their eyes that spending the time working on discovering their DNA and applying the “Brand First” principles has been extremely valuable. They received an endorsement that their customer has defined their company as having a soul that feeds other souls. WOW!! Talk about a brand having a long-lasting impact!

When the DNA of your Brand has been discovered, you as the leader and as a company effectively break down the limiting walls between your business and your customer and the industry. Remember that branding must be intentional and must start from the inside. If the focus is on increasing customers, increasing awareness and improving customer delivery, start with branding and most importantly the DNA of your Brand.

If you would like to have a conversation about how to discover the DNA of your Brand, request a Pick My Brain session today.